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Hey, if you want to know about what Twitch live streaming is, I'd be delighted to explain. Basically, Twitch is a site where individuals like myself can broadcast ourselves playing games to the whole world. Since it happens in real time, the streamers can converse with their audience and build a community over time, all across the world.

How is that a job? For me, I wouldn't call it a job but rather a passion, but money is made via donations, ads, and subscriptions which gives benefits like emotes to the viewers. That's the basic overview but if you wanna get a deeper understanding, feel free to view one of my past streams or see if I'm live right now!

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My Streams


WEDNESDAYS-7:30 P.M. Central Time

SATURDAYS-7:30 P.M. Central Time

*Schedule is subject to change in the future, any unscheduled streams will be announced on my social medias.*

What do I stream?

I stream games that I find enjoyable for both me and my audience. If it doesn't meet those criteria I might leave it up to my viewers to see if they want to watch it. Common genres are action, adventure, shooters, horror, and story rich.

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Recent Videos